How to get good IELTS bands in IELTS speaking topics?

For getting good IELTS bands in the IELTS speaking module you need to know some basic tips and which are discussed below.

  • Firstly you should be in a formal or decent dress.

  • Before entering the exam room, you should knock on the door and get permission to enter that room.

  • Before sitting in front of the examiner you must take permission to sit on a chair for IELTS speaking.

  • After sit you must wish the examiner.

  • You need to give the proper answer to each question.

  • Do not take a long pause while speaking

  • Your speaking speed needs to be the same from start to end.

  • Be polite while speaking.

  • Make eye contact properly till the end of your IELTS speaking test.

  • Use some foreign English people's words.

  • Pronounce each and every word accurately.

  • Do not use the short forms.

Tips for IELTS speaking topics

  • Firstly, read the cue card properly.

  • Then note some highlight words on the given paper.

  • Do not speak so fast.

  • Use vocabulary and good pronunciation while speaking.

  • Use the right tense while speaking and covering IELTS speaking topics.

  • Complete every 4 questions in between 2-3 minutes.

By following these rules in IELTS speaking topics you can get good IELTS bands.


In part-1 of the IELTS speaking, introduction questions will be put by the examiner from you that will be personal questions and you have to attempt each and every answer very confidently by use satisfactory vocabulary and ideas. Your answers must be in between 2-3 sentences.


  • Do you like music?

  • Do you like to use a mobile phone?

  • Describe your family?

  • What are you study now?

PART-2 ( CUE CARD) or IELTS speaking topics

In part-2 cue card or IELTS speaking topics will be given to you and then you have 1 minute to note down your highlight words on paper after that you have to speak on that provides cue card for 2-3 minutes without taking any pauses.


  • Describe your hometown?

  • Describe a school rule that you did not like?

  • Define your Favorite weather?

  • Describe your daily routine?

PART-3 ( cross-questioning) based on ( CUE CARD) or IELTS speaking topics

In part-3 the examiner will put questions related to IELTS cue cards or IELTS speaking topics. You have to explain your answers very briefly. Your answer must be in 6-7 sentences including relevant vocabulary, tenses, verbs, fluency and pronunciation to score decent IELTS bands.


  • Describe your hometown?

  • Do you have planned to live thee for a long time?

  • Is there any historical place?

This is the end of speaking rules and regulations. By following the upper given tips you become able to get good bands in the speaking module.

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