How to improve IELTS general writing task 1?

I am going to share a few observations on IELTS general writing task 1 tips. I hope this may help you.

Before writing IELTS general writing task 1, you have to read the topic, understand what topic demand for, what place, requirement, and umpteen others, the band will generate some basic requirements, first you should write within the words limit, your grammar must be accurate, the topic will be elaborated clearly, chronologically points should be discussed, writing with sense, handwriting must be fine.

First and foremost fulfill the requirement in IELTS general writing task 1 they ask, for example, if the IELTS general writing task 1 topic demands are to elaborate a product which you want to sell, you have to give a description of products and its feature in details, key points and that feature which meet their requirement of the buyer, or if the task is about the complaint you have to write the detail of that problem, how and why this problem is disturbing you, another type of letter is about to give suggestion to someone in that letter you can write general issues or the top examples like if the letter is about to improve election system you can write about some good countries that are using the excellent method and getting success, one more example is if you want to give a compliment to something so you need praise that person or thing with the reason that you like and it needs to be on a positive way.

In the second part you have to explain why, the example you want to sell that product, in this para of IELTS general writing task 1, you can write the reason that you are selling that products, like you, have got new one or you do not require anymore that products, but it will not include any negative thing about the product, and you can generate the need of that product to that person, in problem type of letter you can write in the second part from how many time that thing disturb you, an improvement, you can give top world-class examples that will be from across the globe that should not be localized, in compliment type of letter you have to write she/he/it admire you and what you want from that person or thing.

last but not least you have to conclude letter like fix time to meet or meeting place, about price and then sum of all the letter, or you can give suggestion to improve the thing from that you have a problem, or in suggestion letter of IELTS general writing task 1, you can tell to a receiver that how it will help you as individuals and society, in compliment letter you can write how it will help you in feature or how you will help in a positive way.

Then greet him in a positive way and left the conversation part is open to answer to the receiver.

I hope this may help you to improve your grip over IELTS general writing task 1.

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